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The Midnight Ghost Train - Cypress Ave
Månegarm - Fornaldarsagor
Cavalera Conspiracy - Psychosis
Nemesea - White Flag
Sinamore - Seven Sins A Second
Otep - Generation Doom
Ahab - The Giant
Sleeping Romance - Alba
Sons Of Seasons - Gods Of Vermin
Visions Of Atlantis - A Symphonic Journey To Remember
Life Of Agony - The Sound Of Scars
Zodiac - A Hiding Place
Jinjer - Cloud Factory (re-release)
Candlemass - The Pendulum
Heidevolk - Vuur Van Verzet
Hate - Solarflesh: A Gospel Of Radiant Divinity
Leaves' Eyes - Legend Land
Wolfpack Unleashed - Anthems Of Resistance
Xandria - Fire & Ashes
Unleash The Archers - Abyss
Serenity - War Of Ages
Beyond The Black - Heart Of The Hurricane
Legion Of The Damned - Ravenous Plague
Shylmagoghnar - Transience
Leaves' Eyes - Njord

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