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Dee Snider - For The Love Of Metal Live
Korpiklaani - Tales Along This Road
Warbringer - Woe To The Vanquished
Battlelore - Evernight
Unleash The Archers - Apex
Audrey Horne - Waiting For The Night
Alter Bridge - The Last Hero
Evil Invaders - In For The Kill
Ex Deo - The Immortal Wars
Satyricon - Deep Calleth Upon Deep
Cavalera Conspiracy - Pandemonium
Falkenbach - Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty
Visions Of Atlantis - The Deep & The Dark Live @ Symphonic Metal Nights
Summoning - With Doom We Come
Alter Bridge - Walk The Sky
Huntress - Static
Visions Of Atlantis - A Symphonic Journey To Remember
Ahab - The Call Of The Wretched Sea
Myles Kennedy - Year Of The Tiger
Gloryhammer - Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife
Ad Infinitum - Chapter I: Monarchy
Draconian - Under A Godless Veil
Sirenia - Arcane Astral Aeons
Ad Infinitum - Chapter I Revisited
Jinjer - King Of Everything

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