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Believer - Gabriel
Assaulter - Boundless
Cataract - Killing The Eternal
The Black Dahlia Murder - Everblack
Job for a Cowboy - Genesis
Fleshcrawl - Structures Of Death
Hamfer  - Tmsins Iikam
In Solitude - Sister
RAM - Svbversvm
Paths Of Possession - The End Of The Hour
Hail Of Bullets - On Divine Winds
Redemption - The Art Of Loss
Harlott - Extinction
Brimstone Coven - Black Magic
Amon Amarth - Deceiver Of The Gods
The Red Chord - Prey For Eyes
Exumer - Hostile Defiance
Harlott - Proliferation
Allegaeon - Apoptosis
Six Feet Under - Undead
Valkyrja - Contamination
Act Of Defiance - Birth And The Burial
Soilent Green - Inevitable Collapse in the Presence of Conviction
God Dethroned - Ravenous
Aeon - Path Of Fire

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