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Crisix - Against The Odds
Nifelheim - Envoy of Lucifer
Altar - Youth Against Christ
Terzij De Horde - A Rage Of Rapture Against The Dying Of Light
Dead Man's Walk - Rise Again
Endstille - Verführer
Mustasch - Thank You For The Demon
Sargatanas Reign - Bloodwork
Bewitched - Spiritual Warfare
Morgain - Abandoned in the Forest of Weariness
A.H.P. - Against Human Plague
Marduk - Rom 5:12
Rage - The Devil Strikes Again
Finngálkn - Horns Against Heaven
Grave - Burial Ground
Grave - Dominion VIII
Nightmare - Genetic Disorder
Time Requiem - Optical Illusion
Beyond All Recognition - Beyond All Recognition
Within Y - Portraying Dead Dreams
Acid Drinkers - Verses Of Steel
Dark Funeral - Attera Totus Sanctus
Avatar - Hail The Apocalypse
Setherial - Endtime Divine
Overkill - ReliXIV

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