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Crowpath - Red On Chrome
Akercocke - Antichrist
The Soulless - Isolated
Cult of Luna - Salvation
Watchmaker - Erased from the Memory of Man
The Chasm - The Spell Of Retribution
Godflesh - Songs Of Love And Hate
Gama Bomb - Tales From The Grave In Space
Lawnmower Deth - Return Of The Fabulous Metal Bozo Clowns
Blood Red Throne - Come Death
Evile - Enter The Grave
Woods Of Ypres - Woods V: Grey Skies And Electric Lights
Bonded By Blood - Feed The Beast
Severe Torture - Fall Of The Despised
Ephel Duath - Pain Remixes The Known
Hate Eternal - I, Monarch
Carcass - Reek Of Putrefaction
Deicide - Till Death Do Us Part
Bonded By Blood - Exiled To Earth
Misery Index / Commit Suicide - Split
Mistress - In Disgust We Trust
Mortiis - The Grudge
Tallah - Matriphagy
Insision - Revealed And Worshipped
Mistress - II: The Chronovisor (re-release)

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