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Scala Mercalli - My Daemons
Ghost Ship Octavius - Ghost Ship Octavius
Calibern - The Darkest Night
Kingfisher Sky - Arms Of Morpheus
A Dark Line - Running From The Light
Les Ténèbres - ...And The Waves Came Crushing Down
DSHC - Doodschop Hardcore
My Girlfriend Is My Weapon - Moyra
Forever Never - I Can't Believe It's Not Metal
Polyphia - Muse
Noir - A Glimpse Of Perfection
Mindless - Hou Je Vast!
Forlorn Suffering - Black Incisions
Car Bomb - Car Bomb
5M3 - Promo 2005
Conteched - Criminal Industry
Infernal Beauty - Midnartiis
My Lament - Beneath The Hidden
Ripsaw - Skullbashing Battles
Mountain Dust - Nine Years
Aliennation - Naked In The Filthy River
Lord Volture - Beast Of Thunder
Machina - Dark Age Digital
Body Of Christ - The Schizophrenic Approach
Headhaunter - The Basement Barrage EP

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