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Grindpad - Grave Matter
Pride Runs Deep - Till Our Dying Day
Inarborat - Wisdom Sans Words
Profound - A World Of My Own Making
Disciples of Chaos - In Chaos we trust
Badly Preserved - Decades Of Denial
Pesta - Bring Out Your Dead
Escadron - Tide Of The Fallen
Liftid - Just A Few Songs
Desspo - Obscured By Metal
My City Burning - White Lies Black Eyes
Ceremony Of Opposites - Death's Dominion
Badly Preserved - Excluding Failures
Isthar - Among the Ruins
Kudra Mata - This Is My Pledge
Ebola - Bizarre Transformation
Last Flight To Pluto - See You At The End
All Comes Down - Perceptions
Countess - Fires Of Destiny
Gutfuck - Promo 2004
Kinkobra - Demo 2011
Hauk - To Hear The Trumpets Call
Ortega - 1634
Morag Tong - Through Clouded Time
Dark Temple - Dark Temple

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