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MonkeyRAM - Control
Repulsive Slaughter  - Guesthouse Of Screams
Insanity Alert - First Diagnosis EP
Beast of Damnation - Promo 2006
Obsidian - Emerging
Love Forsaken - Sex, War & Prayers
Evergreen Refuge - Embers
Krossbreed - Carved in Stone
My City Burning - White Lies Black Eyes
Pandora's Key - Prometheus' Promise
Fenris - Ordeal
Badly Preserved - Decades Of Denial
Aleph - In Tenebra
Imperial Crystalline Entombment - Imperial Crystalline Entombment
Fire Within - Fire Within
Darkdayrising - Prelude To Dismay
Ebola - Bizarre Transformation
Float A Ziggy - The Selfish Manifest
Cellarshock - The Collision Starts Here
Counterparts - A Dreamer Betrayed
Molllust - In Deep Waters
Oak Pantheon - In Pieces
Festina Lenté - Welcome To The Lunapark
Charlie Adler - We Bring Stiletto’s Into Your Home
Lost - Last Breath

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