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Dokken - Lightning Strikes Again
Mr. Big - The Stories We Could Tell
Joe Lynn Turner - Second Hand Life
Vanden Plas - The Seraphic Clockwork
Work Of Art - Artwork
Refuge - Solitary Men
From The Inside - Visions
Pathosray - Sunless Skies
Pride Of Lions - The Roaring Of Dreams
Terry Brock - Diamond Blue
Boston - Life, Love & Hope
Enuff Z’ Nuff - ?
House Of Lords - Live In The UK
Jorn - Life On Death Road
Marco Mendoza - Live For Tomorrow
Robert Berry - The Dividing Line
Jorn Lande - Lonely Are The Brave
Starbreaker - Love's Dying Wish
Tesla - Comin' Atcha Live! (dvd)
ISSA - Sign Of Angels
Issa - Can't Stop
Joe Lynn Turner - The Usual Suspects
Royal Hunt - Collision Course
Triumph - Live At Sweden Rock festival
Whitesnake - Flesh & Blood

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