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The Armada - Rage Of The Armada
Eldritch - Livequake
Eyefear - The Inception Of Darkness
Dustsucker - Jack Knife Rendezvous
Luca Turilli - Demonheart
Rhapsody - Power Of The Dragonflame
Gun Barrel - Battle Tested
Rhapsody - Rain Of A Thousand Flames
Cryonic Temple - Blood, Guts And Glory
Code of Perfection - Last Exit For The Lost
Red Circuit - Trance State
Ascension (Sch) - Far Beyond The Stars
Khali - Khali
Black Majesty - Silent Company
Casus Belli - In the Name of Rose
Zandelle - Twilight On Humanity
Eldritch - Neighbourhell
Cryonic Temple - In Thy Power
Vexillum - Unum
Oratory - Beyond Earth
Black Majesty - Sands Of Time
Excalion - High Time
Winter's Verge - Eternal Damnation
Excalion - Waterlines
Inner Wish - Inner Strength

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