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Album Reviews

Kayak - Seventeen
Hamferð  - Támsins Iikam
Watain - Trident Wolf Eclipse
Semistereo - Trans Earth Injection
Snowy Dunes - Atlantis
Phantom Elite - Wasteland
Lord Shades - The Uprising Of Namwell
Moon Duo - Occult Architecture Vol. 1
Jess And The Ancient Ones - The Horse And Other Weird Tales
Haggard - And Thou Shalt Trust... The Seer
Progenie Terrestre Pura  - oltreLuna
Kurse - Tales Of The Wizard
Desert Colossus - Omnibeul
Savanah - The Healer
White Ward - Futility Report
Shining - Varg Utan Flock
Lethvm - This Fall Shall Cease
Judas Priest - Sin After Sin
Portrait - Burn The World
Bell Witch - Mirror Reaper
Moon Duo - Occult Architecture Vol. 2
Mavradoxa  - Lethean Lament
The Great Discord - The Rabbit Hole
Avenged Sevenfold - The Stage (deluxe edition)
Nocturnal Rites - Phoenix

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