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Kurse - Tales Of The Wizard
Hamferð  - Támsins Iikam
Lord Shades - The Uprising Of Namwell
Ghost - Ceremony And Devotion
Leaves' Eyes - Sign Of The Dragonhead
Savanah - The Healer
Metaprism - Catalyst To Awakening
Billy Boy In Poison - Invoker
Sinistro - Sangue Cássia
The Great Discord - The Rabbit Hole
Heidevolk - Vuur Van Verzet
Sorcerer - The Crowning Of The Fire King
Silent Chambers - Thousand Victories
Snowy Dunes - Atlantis
Phantom Elite - Wasteland
In Flames - Whoracle
Pallbearer - Heartless
Machine Head - Catharsis
Moon Duo - Occult Architecture Vol. 2
Lethvm - This Fall Shall Cease
Noctulux - From The Shadows
Psychedelic Witchcraft - Sound Of The Wind
Foscor - Les Irreals Visions
The Project Hate MCMXCIX  - Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures
Kayak - Seventeen

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